baba yaga haunts my dreams

I had a dream of Baba. She was sitting in her hut singing to a spider she had cradled in her lap. What was she singing? I have no idea, but when she looked at me I knew I was to pay her more attention. I woke up realizing that I knew very little about Baba. If we were going to get friendly then I needed to do some research. I’m a big believer in hocus pocus and the meaning of things–or maybe I had just watched Howl’s Moving Castle one too many times…


via philipbarron

Baba, as I’m sure you know, is the bone mother of Slavic folklore. She dwells deep in the forest in a hut perched on chicken legs. She is said to rule over the elements, a wild woman full of knowledge and power… oh, and she eats children. She holds the secrets of the wildwood and I think she is here to help me listen to the plants. This is a good thing as my poor garden had a bad summer last year and I really do need to pay my green babies some better attention.

inthegarden1 039

I have reworked all I could this year. I removed some of the pots to better spread things around in an effort to save money. I am giving my english roses another year (maybe more) to perk up and I have filled in with some annuals for color. Here’s hoping Baba approves… if not, I am sure she will let me know.


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