when magpie visits

(or better yet–magpie says get off your complacent bum and get it in gear)

I had not intended another hedge post so soon, I really planned on a lifestyle blog (spirituality but a part of the grand scheme of things) but as it always goes with plans, they never work the way you intend. As it would be, dreamland sent me an unexpected visitor last night, this vague dream of magpie… but then dreams don’t always make a lot of sense and oftentimes are not that significant. I was somewhere ensconced in nature in that hazy in-between place where you’re just not certain. My feet were in the dirt and magpie flew over. She carried a lock of blonde hair in her bill which she dropped on the ground. I looked down to see three tarot (which three I do not remember) from a seldom used deck I had recently acquired. This is a sure sign, I thought, and then I woke to start my routine… but then magpie is a tricky girl and she is very vocal. As such, she is associated with communication and there she stayed–rattling around my sleep addled brain. She usually visits when it is time for me to get a grasp on something significant. Magpies like shiny things (as do I) and are very active exploratory birds. They are fetches and often bring to you things that are important… she brought me a symbol of something she did not want me to take for granted. It comes to me immediately (post coffee) that I have overlooked the obvious.

Black_Billed_Magpie_as_Totem_by_Ravenarivia ravenari deviantart

Recently, I’ve been discussing walkabout and other things with a new friend, sent to me by another good friend… all very coincidental if not for the dream. I am very solitary in my spiritual, it’s just how I roll and I am notorious for being such. It was the way (see oversharing witches, that which I never aspired to be) and while I seek out when I need, I am intuitive by nature and that’s just that–just me and my trees. And so, I thought, I’ll just give her an idea of how I work my craft and share some experiences (normally something I only do with my closest–again another inkling) and hopefully it will help her on her path. I assume at most we will walkabout in the outworld on occasion and catch up on how things in the in-between are for us. Well, I do believe magpie isn’t having this idea, I think she wants me to know we were brought into touch for a reason. There are things we need to bring to each other and only time will tell what is to come. So okay, my beautiful fetch, I am paying attention but next time I will be posting the frivolous…


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