card collector

I am a hoarder of tarot decks. I generally use only the Wildwood to read but I just cannot stop myself from bringing home any deck with artwork that catches my eye. This time it was the husband who surprised me, bringing me back a deck from his travels.

tartotda 238

Usually he is the one giving me the eye when I bring home yet another to sit and look pretty, so I was quite delighted. It came wrapped in brown paper with a hand inked drawing of a lizard on the front which endeared me immediately because it gave a crafted feel that a mass produced box just doesn’t have.

tartotda 276

The Hirajeta Tarot by Danny Hirajeta is a 78-card deck from a local-ish artist in Fayetteville, NC that portrays what the artist describes as “life’s gritty nature”. This comes across beautifully and the artwork is sublime. I laid out my favorites and above is a shot of the numbered suit cards. I am in love with the Emperor and Empress cards from the Major Arcana, although the Queen of Wands is gorgeous as well.


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