i am always laughing

Someone said to me this past weekend that I laugh at everything. I had to think on that one… mostly because they seemed quite cranked up about it and I wasn’t sure why. Then again, I do tend to put people off. I don’t mind it, it’s part of my charm. I am just not a people person I guess. I say (and do) embarrassing things before I think them through. I often forget to soften the blow. I rarely am interested in playing the game.


via devianart

I like to go to work, come home, and spend my free time with those for whom I care. I try to mind my own and avoid the carnage of the day-to-day. I am who I am who I am. So I figure this chuffing I do must be a defense mechanism–like when people nod even though they aren’t truly interested, it’s a knee jerk reaction. I tend to do it when I’m not committed, don’t have an opinion, or when I am just not paying good attention… but the way I see it, I’d rather be laughing than some of the alternatives.


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