to walkabout

My fellow hedger and I went walkabout a few weeks ago and she honored me with a visit to her favorite green. We spent most of the afternoon discussing where we were coming from and where we felt we were being led spiritually, which is a bit of a treat for me as most of my friends are pretty mainstream (and that’s okay).

newg 137

I could see her attraction, as this place felt out of realm and full of mysteries yet to be found. Even the surprise of unexpected visitors did little to break nature’s spell. We plodded along our course taking in the day and our surroundings. I found a spot in her spot that called to me–a tree anchored in seemingly endless twisty roots. I hunkered down to do a quick read.

newg 144

It was nothing scheduled, nothing schmancy, just a quick glance to see what was to be seen. Injustice fell out in the shuffle and I was instantly aware of whom this represented. With her eyes bound and the uneven scales above her head, she is the wise seeker winding her way through the information and misinformation to find what rings true for her. She is the one with the path before her.

newg 150

With my wildwood, I laid out my three–what to take with you, what is in the now, and what is to be left behind. I have passed the green woman’s test and it’s time to move past the solitary bond, time to walk the walk–there are things to be done here in the in-between place. It is a time of forward momentum, a time to leave the old fears and insecurities behind. Past disharmony may try to cloud the path but no one said the path would always be easy.


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