walking the walk… two posts in one day, how fun

I find myself at a sort of crossroads with my writing. I’ve said it before… plans rarely work out as intended. I find myself much more enjoying the musings of my spiritual than the frivolous (my polarity strikes again). I have thought much on this and I just feel this is where I need to be. Hopefully it will keep me on the path–I tend to wander, something shiny and all that. And so, changes are in the works here so bear with me. Luckily my epiphany struck before I was too far along.


I still plan to post the garden, it is my zen and I have a strong bond with my plants. Maybe some recipes and natural remedies and the like, probably more related to the celebratory though, maybe just some tree pictures… we shall see what happens, my polarity may shove in a misc or so but that is just the way my brain goes. I just wanted to quick post this so those of you not so much interested in the musings of my dirt worship can opt out (and that’s okay).

P.S. — Just a personal note to the husband (the scientist minded soul who keeps me somewhat grounded, & who I love above all others), see–I do sometimes listen even if not in the way you may have intended.

P.P.S — thanks to PBP for the existence, for helping me focus a bit, and for showing me all sorts of wonderful bloggers.


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