singing to the bones

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Yes, that’s the title of a song and yes, I listen to Wendy Rule… I love her words and I love her voice even though this song isn’t necessarily related to this solstice it still popped into my mind for obvious reasons and so I thought I’d share.


harry lauder holding hands with rosemary 

Midsummer is but a moment in time, the sun’s power is at its zenith and the wheel will soon be turning again towards the darker. I spent the eve gathering herbs as those gathered this night are said to be especially potent. I do not perform much spell work but still I tucked a few things away just in case.


Surrounded by the flush of all things growing, it is a perfect time for working with the nature spirits. Normally I would head down to scry in a natural body of water but as I’ve been away a bit overmuch lately I chose to stay in the garden and do my workings there. This year I decided to do a wildcasting as I was recently reminded that I do not do so enough. These objects are gifted to me for a reason and I felt I needed to connect more.


So I set to puttering about my outdoor, getting things just right and settled down to take in my surroundings for a bit. I lit my seasonal incense and called to me those who would come. Then I fed them. Midsummer is a good time to look forward and so getting to the task at hand, I cast my lot to see what I could see. I left an offering of yarrow and sweet wine in thanks and farewell. I spent the rest of the evening tidying up the garden and just generally enjoying the atmosphere.


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