the morrigan… m is for morrigan

…I am the Sorceress that will not be ruled, the Weaver of Time, the Teacher of Mysteries. I am kin to the Badb and Macha, for together we are the Sacred Three. Come walk with me near the sea’s kiss, let me show you the Old Ways…”

–Charge of the Morrigan, Meryt-Meihera

Her mythology is full of shifts–goddess, fae, phantom, mortal. She is one and she is three (Badb, Macha, Nemain), each sharing the aspects of the whole… the Morrigan. Morrigan is the goddess of war, fate, and death. She is of the Tuatha de Danann and her wisdom is not so easily learned.



As Badb, she is the crow or raven flying over the battlefield feeding the chaos and leading her chosen to frenzied victory. Nemain is most often associated with this frenzy. Macha, in her battle aspect, is sometimes known as a harvester of souls, collecting the severed heads of the battle fallen.


Morrigan, as a weaver of fate and omen of death, could be found washing the bloodied clothes of soldiers who were to die in battle. These spectral premonitions of death suggest a possible link to the folklore of the Irish banshee (sometimes called the badhb).



Sometimes she is seen as leading the Wild Hunt, riding down the souls of the dead on their journey to the otherworld. Seeing an unusual number of corvids is said to signify her call (as are continual and debilitating nightmares)… but think before you answer, she is not the gentlest of presences.


2 thoughts on “the morrigan… m is for morrigan

  1. A few years ago I mentioned on a forum that I was pleased The Morrigan had never shown any interest in me, because She scared me and I didn’t think I’d be up to the challenge. At the time I got the strangest impression of “Oh, you think so do you…?” and not long after… She arrived in my life.

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