fuchsia tartlets

I always intend to go at my garden space with a plan in mind–set an outdoor altar, work in some elemental representations, bring in some sabbat herbs, and then give it a cottage feel. I spend a lot of time thinking about overall color and what plants I can tuck in that will give me the most use. Then I trudge out to the garden center, usually forgetting my list, only to get completely distracted by all the chatter.

sort1 098

I may pick up one or two of my intendeds but more often than not my wagon gets filled with those I feel an affinity to. As such, my garden is more of a mishmash of whatever called the loudest, a handful of usefuls, and a smattering of brightly colored tartlets the husband couldn’t keep his hands off of (i’ve said it a hundred times, magenta is such a whore). Next year I vow to have a solid plan and stick to it…


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