necromancy… n is for

Necromancy, yes I practice it… not as in raising hordes of zombies to do my bidding (that’s just a little joke) but as in spirit work. Necromancy is the act of communicating with the spirits be they human, plant, or animal.


I seldom seek out the human but sometimes they do me… often, but not always, through dreams. They can be pretty tenacious when you put them off. When actively, I tend to use the cards to communicate as it is just the easiest for me personally. Mostly, I just tend to leave them be.


Plant necromancy involves working with plants found near places of the dead, associated with death (often these are poisonous for obvious reasons), for use in spirit communication (such as the burning of suffumigation), and/or for use in crossing. Traditionally the yew is the most associated with death and rebirth. Old yew trees can form new trunks where their branches lay the ground–rebirth. Their needles, of course, are oh so very toxic–death. Red sandalwood, another, is often combined with other herbs for burning.


Most work I do with animal necromancy involves the use of consecrated bits (such as bone and wing) and fetiches. It is important to cleanse residual energies and consecrate. I cleanse in natural waters and then pass through a purifying sage smoke while speaking gently to the spirit, feeling out the energies. Then, speaking their purpose, I lay them in the moonlight of the garden. On altar, I leave regular offerings… they are mine now to care for.


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