sometimes the universe provides

Lugh is the first harvest and for as long as I can remember I have always celebrated with food and friends– often just a few, occasionally only the husband, sometimes just myself picnicking with the nature spirits. I rarely do formal ritual. This year, though, it completely slipped my mind until today.

As I have mentioned before, I’ve really been wanting to branch out beyond the plants I work with personally and learn more about some of our local offerings. I attended a really interesting herb walk with some friends (new & old) yesterday and learned way more than my sad little brain can process in a day (luckily I took notes, here’s hoping I can actually read them). Being the tactile individual that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed walking through and getting a hands on.


I was also able to see what the guru was growing, for a fellow gardener that was a real treat. He graciously allowed me to nose through all of his jars of dried goodies and some of his books… I know, I know, but I am curious (ahem–nosey) by nature and it’s oh so rude, but I want to put my hands on everything. It’s just how I am built.

I think the best part for me (other than the plant fondling and the book pilfering) was the grounding time when we all sat down for this lovely meal and just chatted. Although I was among new people, it was all very peaceful, very familiar in feel. Having now had a chance to think on it, I believe my celebration has already been provided.


2 thoughts on “sometimes the universe provides

  1. Michelle, it was a delight to show you and the other folks the herbal pharmacopeia all around us. I love having the opportunity to share my knowledge of plants with enthusiasts. Feel free to e-mail if you need clarification on the document I sent you, of if you can’t read your notes, I’m sure I can fill in the blanks. 😉 I hope you’ll come to more workshops and take advantage of my library. If you ever want to take a day, chill out and just read poke through my herbs, minerals and other thing, just let me know. You are always welcome in my home. Cheers, -J

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