reworking the garden

As noted in a previous post, I have not been the best at keeping with the garden plan. Originally I had big ideas on what I wanted my working garden to be. Then I went to the garden center and abandoned all said plans in favor of grabbing pretty much any plant that called to me. What does this have to do with my path, you say? By working a garden, plant spirits become aware of you as you tend. When you care for your plants you are always giving something back, you are cultivating a relationship. In itself it is the best kind of offering you can give.


Being nature based, I wanted to bring my practice into the garden. I did accomplish this in the end, but my overall garden plan kind of got pushed to the side in favor of the mishmash I collected at the garden center. A garden can focus on many things– elementals, planetary, diety (if you are so inclined), or in my case, the plants that call to you. After all, they may have something they are wanting to teach you. I plan to rework some of my original ideas around them. Surprisingly, I do not think it will be that far off from what I have… go figure, they knew better than I.


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