stereotypes make me giggle

“You don’t look like a witch”… does this ever happen to you? It’s a phrase I hear more often than you would think considering I am not exactly in the broom closet. It never fails to force me to have to hold back a giggle as I wonder what this person is envisioning. Then I wonder what it is they do see when they look at me. I have high hopes they might think I am Batman in deep disguise. I love fashion, you see (I even work 1/2 of a fashion blog) and I’m a bit of a clothes whore– I try to be conscientious though and purchase only that I will wear for years upon years. I thrift. I donate. I like somethings shiny… but then I think, certainly I’m not the only pagan who likes such things? That’s just silly.


So maybe, then, it is the fact that I am more quiet in practice. I am not all in their face with things like those peeps in Walmart that chase me around with their brochures. I try not to take myself too seriously and ultimately the question at hand is not really of any great importance… just a little funny. That said, a couple of Yules ago one of my dinner guests had a bit of upset over seeing my altar (so did the Terminix guy once, what’s up with that?? I mean, seriously, he deals in crawlies all day). As I understand it (I was in the kitchen at the time), it caused quite a stirring discussion and sadly they didn’t stay long. Later, they told me that they had not meant to get so worked up, they just hadn’t expected it. I had known this person for at least 10 years and it never crossed my mind to point something like that out… to me it was just as any other aspect of my person.


Still, I always felt bad about it… like I should’ve worn a button or something. In their defense though, sometimes my mind drifts over to an Elphaba-esque image (who just might have some spiffy shoes under her dress) and therefore I am just as guilty. So basically, this post had no great purpose… just the curious ramblings of an almost crone that hasn’t had enough coffee and the quiet amusement she feels at life’s stereotypes. Currently I am entertaining the purchase of one seriously fabulous pointy hat… a girl needs to make a statement sometimes you know, fashionably speaking.


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