stang… s is for

A stang is a forked staff, traditionally a few feet in length, used to cast a protective sphere (called a caim) around workings. It is particularly handy for the outdoors and is often associated with the world tree connecting the three realms. There are excellent articles here and here (although there are many), the latter being one of the first I read when looking to simplify my tools.


My stang, or as I call it–mini stang, is really only about wand sized as I wanted something easy to tote about. It is adorned with many things personal… an evil eye bead, hamsa fatima hand, mink tooth, bluejay feather, rabbit/hare totem and bone, copper wire, magpie skin, grey moonstone, and a cowrie shell. I chose driftwood alder for the wood.


Alder grows between land and water, two elements I am stretched between… water moving into the earth. I feel both calls. Alder groves are said to be haunted places and the tree itself not only of death, but of transformation and hidden knowledge. The groves are truly in between places, both frightening and comforting.


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