unfamiliar and understanding

I try to keep an open mind about things (and seek the same in return) but even so doing, sometimes past experiences and/or fear of the unfamiliar can still have influence even with the best of intentions. In speaking of said unfamiliar and after writing my stereotypes post, it occured to me that I know very little of the paths of those people I come in contact with most. I seek for people to be understanding of me and mine, but really–what thought have I given to theirs? Now I realize it’s a very personal subject but I set out anyways (risking life and limb) to get a better understanding of the paths of those I come in contact with in the everyday. Below you will find their path listed followed by the answer to my question… “What does your spiritual path (or absence of) mean to you?” To be fair, I posted my answer as well.

Eclectic— To be honest I don’t feel like anyone path is really mine, I feel I pull a majority of my beliefs from many different religions, faiths and whatever else you want to call them.

I’m not really sure… maybe open mindedness – I don’t feel like any one faith or religion is better than another or completely right.

Student of Life— I have actually been thinking a lot about it since you asked and am really unsure how to answer the questions! Which then made me feel guilty (reformed catholic) that I hadn’t even thought about this before. Okay, so I wasn’t quite sure how to answer this question because to me the path I tend to more follow is my life path and what I see my purpose being, I’m really not sure if these are two separate things or not. I still do feel a pull to spirituality and that I am a spiritual person. I do believe there is a God, I feel like we have a good relationship- while not traditional in the church going sense I do have my own spiritual relationship and it works for me at least (i guess it’s totally one sided, but I haven’t been struck down by lightning yet!).  However, when I think of my path, I think more of my life path guiding me. What do I feel I was put on this earth to do? I’m not 100% sure if I know the answer to this and I definitely haven’t done it yet, but right now I feel that I was put on this earth to help people, in dealing and coping with their struggles and let them know that they aren’t alone. I wouldn’t say I see myself as a healer, maybe more a listener and advisor… maybe mentor?? I find that in situations where I am helping people I am the most happy.

I feel like my spiritual path may guide me a little bit, but it is more my life path that I try and follow and feel that if I get (back) to that, I will have a sense of meaning or purpose in my life. I also feel like it lends me to be a more compassionate, caring person because of my desire to be a mentor or advisor. Like I said, I haven’t gotten to my life path yet, but I am okay with taking baby steps if that’s what I need to do. I am really trying to figure out a way to get that sense of fulfillment, I really don’t know how or what to do yet, but I am hoping to figure it out.

Canku Luta, “The Red Road”— Traditional Lakota spirituality

To me, this path means peace, inside and out. It means sacrificing myself through the life I live to help my relatives, which is everyone and everything. It means living a life of love and service in balance with The Great Mystery and All My Relations. It means growing into a better person so that I can live in a way that is a help to others and is what Creator wants of me.

Wicca– fey tradition

It means everything. It defines who I am and why I do everything the way I do. It’s not my religion, it’s my way of life. It defines my very existence.

Paganistic Atheist wrapped up in humanistic hoohah

Meaning: I am here. That’s pretty much all I know for certain, and sometimes, I’m not even all that certain of that.


My spirituality means/is my way of living and loving, how I see or view things within myself.

My path.. I tell people agnostic but I feel very strong spiritual ties to nature. The ground, the plants, Sun, stars, animals, insects and the whole process and energy of life.

What it means to me is that there is a method to the daily madness. We are all part of this beautiful system. Miracles occur every moment of every day. It reminds me that we are all interconnected. We are all part of this process of life. It helps me let go of the little tedious bullshit that gnaws at me and reminds me that I am surrounded by so much beauty and perfection. I don’t really have a set path but I do feel a need, which I oblige as much as I can, to get out in nature and take it in. I try to take time to appreciate everything around me. The sounds, smells, the leaves on the trees, the bark, the bugs, the birds, etc. I also try to be really open to people I meet. I find that there are some I run into– messages or important lessons they pass on to me.

Predominantly Buddhist but undoubtedly eclectic since my faith is layered, influenced by the evolving intelligence.

My path is about seeking, learning and having peace.


As far as what it means to me, I don’t know… I don’t really spend much time thinking about paths. Life puts us where it wants us.

And mine:

Pagan, hedgewitch specifically… animism, spirit work… sometimes I dabble in other pathways, I feel it is important to learn the new and keep the mind open.

I struggled with how to describe what my spirituality means to me, it is all that I am… it is the very definition of who I am at the very core of my being. It gives me the freedom to be, keeps my mind open to all realms of learning and gives me a greater connection to the all. It allows me to attune with the natural in ways that one can only experience if they would but just try and it humbles me to be but a tiny part of such a vast greatness. Everything I am is connected to everything that is and such is the cycle of being.


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