the resurrection of the meadow

I was finally able to get through several books in my ever growing stack in the last few weeks. I started with Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications (lent to me by the fiery one), a good solid reference book on the history of mediumship and the techniques used for. I especially liked the idea of turning any smooth surface (table, floor, etc) into a working spirit board using slips of paper and a wine glass.. might give that a go. I moved on to (and quickly away from) Craft of the Wild Witch: Green Spirituality and Natural Enchantment by Poppy Palin, also lent by the fiery one.. this one was just way too flowery for my taste. I made it through a few chapters but just couldn’t get past the pomp – I skimmed the rest. I also re-read Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan by Stephanie Woodfield.. good overview of the folklore associated but too much spellwork for me. I think maybe others might get more out of it than I and so I will pass it on.


The last book, The Resurrection of the Meadow by Robinn Artisson, was one of the best I’ve read lately. In his words (I’ve picked about), “this process is how it starts.. wait for the dreams to begin.. you were one of them once, you’ll be one of them again.” I like how the practices detailed use flour and red wine, symbolic of what he refers to as the Red Nature (our blood filled life) and the White Nature (our timeless force). I am really interested in trying a simplified version of his Red Meal which is described as “the rite from which all other meals shared with the Unseen World are derived”.. maybe I can gather some of mine around my fellow hedger’s hawthorn in future. It seems like it would be a really lovely thing to do not only solitary but as a group for midsummer.


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