values… rules to live by to experience a happy and fulfilling life

Values, these are the things that are foremost of importance about our day-to-day lives… or should be. Remember understanding? I asked those very same people if they could give me three of what they considered their core values and if there was maybe another such value they felt they might need to work on. The answers are below, listed in order to coincide with the order of the previous post of understanding.

Eclectic— Understanding, compassion.


Student of life— The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. I feel like this can encompass several subvalues important to me: compassion, honesty etc..  Openmindedness.

Ohhh, that’s a toss up. Openmindedness is always something that seems to be evolving.. when I think I’m receptive to a lot of things, something will come up to put me in check and then I need to catch myself. But I think the main one is Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated, maybe because to me it encompasses so much that I am always being tested to work on it.  On the flipside, I also find I sometimes get disappointed with people because the way I treat them or the things I would do for them I don’t always feel are reciprocated. So, I often need to remind myself that I CHOSE to do that for them and that people express themselves in different ways.

Canku Luta— In this way I value sacrificing of self for others, humility, and active engagement with spirit.

I need to work on living balance in my own life so that it is also found in my spiritual walk.

Wicca, fey tradition— Honesty, especially to yourself. Curiosity, the constant need to learn more. Awareness, observing and recognizing the differences and similarities among us.


Paganistic atheist– Love, compassion, personal responsibility. Also, craft beer.

Needs work: All (including the beer, though my weight dictates less of that one, not more). I could stand to be a much better husband, lover, partner, father, friend, and I talk more what needs changing than I act on change. Walls are a lot easier to maintain than windows and doors, but the view with the first ain’t much to speak of.

Christian— Honest, real, being successful.


I tell people I am agnostic— Appreciate life and everything that has to happen in order for life to exist. Do not take more than you need. Clean up after yourself. Don’t shit on others. Love. Enjoy love. Let it come into your life and love completely and let it go when it moves on. Take care of yourself first. Take care of your needs. Find your path and go after it. Don’t worry about what others think. Do what you feel deep down inside is best for you and keep yourself healthy. Then you can help others. I have to add Laugh. Fucking laugh. As much and as often as you can.

Predominantly Buddhist— Devotion, integrity, and compassion.

I am working on compassion since I am still trying to have compassion for my imperfection and understanding for those who are not aware of their paths.

Agnostic-curious— Values? Honesty, empathy, humility… are those values? I like those.

I probably need to work on spirituality, if that counts as a value.

And mine:

Pagan, hedgewitch– Tolerance, love, and stability.

I would have to say prudence or restraint, of which if I could just master, would greatly help in my stability.


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