summer’s end

And the fires shall burn,

And the wheel of life turn,

And the dead come back home,

Summer’s end..

I am not sure where these words came from, they are not mine, but at some point they were jotted in my workbook and I come back to them this time of year whenever I have the chance to leave offerings for the dead. Samhain came and went very quickly for me again this year. It’s often one of my biggest regrets that I usually do not do much during this time, as it is our wedding anniversary (14 years!) and we are often away somewhere together reconnecting. This year, though, was a year of new friendships and forward movement. As such, we were lucky enough to be invited along to a bonfire among said new friends, and it was the first time for the husband to be around to celebrate with me in this aspect of my life. It was a very important thing, at least for me.. he was a bit gun shy, I think, but survived intact all the same. It was all very laid back and even with the rain we still managed to spend some time around the fire. Everyone worked hard at getting together a potluck. I spent a good portion in conversation with my new favorite introvert – I love that I’m not the only one who finds solace in just being. I enjoyed the low key enjoyment of just passing the time among friends and of the season. Late in the evening we set up an ancestor altar and left offerings for those loved ones who have passed on. I don’t have a great ancestor/family bond and so I chose to honor my husband’s grandfather recently gone from us. He was always very kind to me and it  just seemed right. The emotion among us was a beautiful thing and I am glad I was able to participate.


The next morning found me a bit melancholy.. it set in that the fiery one had moved away and I already missed her so much. We’ve been in each other’s lives since forever but she needed this forward momentum. My introvert (no, I didn’t approve this new title with her but I know she will laugh when she reads it) made comment on how the fiery one is moving out of my life and new friends are moving into.. I feel I must bow down in honor of her great wisdom, I know she is right. This year has been a time of movement in so many ways for me and I cannot wait to see what is to come. Usually I would do a big path reading this time of year and for whatever reason I’ve felt the itch to rework the altar (something I normally do for my private Yule festivities). I ultimately decided to change the altar just a bit, adding in some of the leaves and twisty briars from my recent walkabouts. I am not quite ready to see what my altar will bring to me in the coming year, and it really feels too early. I also opted to pull one card instead of a longer reading when I was able to have a quiet moment to myself.


..and again water moving into the earth, from the book Wildwood:

“The Seer is at the hub of the Wheel in the quarter related to Water and the emotions and linked to the mysteries of the Moon and the Earth. She is partnered with the Shaman and acts as a guide to the World Tree.”

The part I liked best..

“..Ideas may be filtered through the shadowy realm of dreams and trancelike states, but the inner archetypal mediator that forms these ideas into works of literature, song, or dance is the Seer.. The time has come to focus your power and let it flow through you..”


7 thoughts on “summer’s end

    1. It really is, it’s the wildwood deck.. it reads really well for me. You know, when you finally pick up the perfect deck that sings?? This one was the it for me. And thank you, blessings to you and yours as well during this dark half of the Wheel 🙂

      1. Thanks. I looked that up and it looks really good, love the artwork, like i need another Tarot deck, lol. I throw Tarot rarely, only for big decisions i need guidance for and like you do at times of the year where change is coming. I primarily use Crowley’s Thoth deck, but then i am heavily into the Kaballah and years ago i evoked a Thoth like Mercurial angel into them so they speak well. I like to look at a throw and see what direction people are moving and pointing to follow the flow and arrange them in a kinda of chakra pattern for spiritual, head, heart and body. But that deck looks very Wiccan and beautiful.

  1. I love the artwork on the Thoth deck, though I don’t own it (yet.. I am an obsessive deck collector).. the wild unknown deck is another with great artwork if you haven’t seen that one.

    1. thank you!!! lol, I had them written down in my book (which I tend to do whenever I come across something that sparks me) and I always (I know, I know) forget to note where I got it, lol..

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