when the period of rest is just not restful

At the seven, I bathed and applied the ointment. I walked bare into the moonlight and offered myself.. soaking in the energies until I was ready. I lit the sage and smudged, preparing for the task ahead. I laid out the offers of whiskey and tobacco at the altar for the masculine at work. Why had he called upon us? I lit the incense, nestled in a small mound of beach sand and graveyard dirt for us both, and began.. come to me.


With all the random thoughts of moon and reflection about, I decided to look to the mirror for the answers. I could see him there, just behind my shoulder, and I could feel him.. but the mirror didn’t hold as much for me this time as the notebook. The writings were what brought to me what I needed to know, or somewhat of. I thanked him and added the rabbit bones to forge a connection for whatever was to come.


4 thoughts on “when the period of rest is just not restful

    1. Not to preach, but always be careful with shadow and mirror magickes. Its good to banish after you evoke or invoke so you control the times of appearance of such entities. But if it feels comfortable psychologically and emotionally then proceed.

  1. Thanks! I do try to be aware as possible to dot my i’s as I’ve been burned before as I practice a little bit looser than most tend to.. I know, I know 🙂 .. but I always appreciate the concern of my fellow and it’s good for others to read a reminder that one can just never be too careful.

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