the evolution of the workbook..

Years and many, many years ago (I cannot emphasize the many enough – croneholio!!), when I first started out on the pagan path, I spent a lot of my time trying to fashion my spiritual around the structures and 101 necessaries.. while a beautiful thing for those who thrive on formalized ritual and the symbolic use of all such things, it turned out that I was just not such a being. I was/am definitely more the solitary hutted up with her bones & other type – working with the plants and trekking the in-between. I eventually found my way through an old woman, a hyena, and a horse with red eyes.. but that is a story for another day and has nothing to do with the evolution of the workbook.


One of the first things I must say of my walk is that I am very simplified.. just me, a few necessities, and spirit. I left behind all those tools collected from the days beginning. My cauldron survives on altar still, but other than that and incense, the rest have gone. My althame is there, unused as always, waiting to be passed on to one who walks that walk. My boline has been replaced with pruning shears (fancy, I know), my wand with a stang, and by BOS has morphed into more of a workbook of sorts.. a mishmash of collected information, things jotted down so as not to forget, and artwork that inspires. My biggest workings usually only involve some incense/offerings, my spirit bag, sometimes a fetiche, my stang (if I am outdoors), occasionally an ethogen, and spirit.. I have never been more connected.


5 thoughts on “the evolution of the workbook..

  1. Its good you are not too attached to your tools and are open to change. As i have written elsewhere the tools are just extensions of your hands which are extensions of your mind, chakras and will. I find that working outside with nature spirits that metal athames turn them off, so just use a wood wand or besom or stang. Too many witches shop for fancy tools on the internet. I have made or found at flea markets most of mine. Everyone has their own walk.

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    I found these two refreshing blogs this week i want to share. The first is Love by the Moon and from there i found Moonlitbelladonna. What i like is that they are both just plain Nature and Kitchen Witches, no fancy tools, no fancy rituals, mostly solitaries that are self taught. Yes I like the blogs on Witchcraft and Magickal theory and such, but i soon get tired of those mostly male nitpickers arguing about whether a wand should be blue or red etc etc ad infinitum. Enjoy!

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