grave messages


Quite some bit ago, I visited the graveyard in Beaufort (NC) with some good friends. I had been trudging about, cards in hand and without much success, when they were knocked out of my hands. I had been passing over a particularly unobtrusive grave at the time, one I might not have paid much attention to if not for that. We gathered them up, paying care to separate out any that had landed face up, for later contemplation.


This past visit I made a special trip out to that grave to do another pull and see what there was to see. I pulled a central card, four to surround, and (I learned this little trick from the lovely Kayla Wilde) a hidden card. That shadow card was one of the very same as was in the first visit. Again I put the cards to side for later but as life would have it, I forgot about them in the day to day. I think it was about a week-ish or so later when I had come home to find one of the other cards (also a bear card.. apparently bears just love me) laying on top of a candlestick holder in the dining room.. being that my deck was in my bag as is always, I am not exactly sure when it found its way out. In any case, I sat my bum right the down to work on them.


The hidden card – The Guardian (from the wildwood tarot):

The Guardian stands at Samhain, on 1 November, at the gateway of the dead. He stands between the element of Water and of Earth  and is associated with the waning moon.

The guardian spirit of the beast challenges those who would enter the cave of ancestral memory without understanding the nature of their own darkness. Within the cave’s open maw, filled with jagged and sharp stalactites, is an unknown and untrodden path. Its destination is shrouded in gloom..

The prime role of such archetypes is one of protection and initiation and is the human link to the wilderness, nature and fertility, sometimes manifested as fierceness, ecstasy and sexuality.

A challenge has arrived in your life. The situation may be very complex. It may even have profound implications for your life and how you deal with the world.

Indeed, when I think back on it, a challenge had arrived.. and still I am working on that particular curve (bump, crater??) in the road.


9 thoughts on “grave messages

  1. That skeletal bear card in front of the cave seems relevant for this time of year when Persephone (nature) goes into the underworld. That weird how that card just jumped out of your deck. I too have my own way of throwing tarot (I use Crowley’s Thoth deck because i like the Kabbalah therein) where i throw my main chakras and then a square at the bottom for the earthly plane around me, or two parallel chakra throws with cards in between for relationships with people. If during the shuffle a card flies out i always assume it wants to talk to me so keep it there. And if a card is confusing i just throw another one branching out of it. I find it significant how certain figures in cards are looking towards or gesturing towards other cards, almost like watching a snapshot of a moving scene. Hey i have a third degree in our coven down there just up the coast from you in Washington NC just east of Greenville.

      1. She learned at first from Galen and Anna at the Eternal Harvest church, but then learned from and was initiated by me, driving all the way up here to Pennsylvania. She has gatherings at May Day and All Hallows that may be worth checking out in the future, but she does not have a website or blog so i don’t know how you would contact her if you were interested.

      2. I know eternal harvest, circling circles.. Friends of friends.. That sort if thing. They have/had (not sure which, I don’t really attend) beautiful open circles.

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      3. Well there are groups around, and they all have their politics, and open circles are always a safe way to experience the energies from the edge without committing to a lineage, but you seem to be doing just fine as a solitary.

  2. Beautiful pictures, normally tilted perspectives hurt my head to look at but these are just fine ^_^ I’m really keen on getting the Wildwood Tarot deck now after seeing that picture and checking it out 😮 Thank you for posting! I look forward to reading other posts by you.

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