command & compel

The fiery one & I (before she hotfooted it to the mountains) had been and went with each other quite a bit. We’d been feeling our way about a project, and working on different things here and there. She brought me a sample of her command and compel oil to sniff one night and so I bravely tried a bit on (if you knew her energy so strong, you’d understand why I use the term bravely). The smell of this oil was beyond phenomenal and certainly  I was compelled.. compelled to nag her incessantly for some of mine very own.

In a base of mineral or jojoba oil, blend the following ingredients:

Essential oil of bergomot
Licorice root
Calamus root
Few bits of frankincense
Top off with honeysuckle or rose oil for fragrance

Allow the mixture to steep for 30 days in a cool dark place.

Now, I wouldn’t dare share anything on her recipe under pain of death (and I am sure as sure she would bind me to that.. that’s just a little joke), BUT it made me think of how great things can come when you step outside to do your own. So much you can discover when you add and subtract to workings, herbals, the general way of approaching things. I am a big tweaker and I feel so strongly that it is all about what works for one personally. Above is a general recipe for command and compel oil (a few things were changed in the fiery one’s, so again, this is not hers) – run wild with it, or with anything for that matter. I had the fiery one mix me up a batch special to wear over my usual patchouli (it peeked through the following morning and was just.. just.. well, I cannot describe how hard my heart beats for it).


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