the young ones… y is for

Sometimes along the path I find that our young ones tend to be overlooked. Yes, there are many wise elders/long-timers/what-have-you-call-thems (your knowledge guides us evermore) and this is not meant as a reflection on them. I just often think this overlooking could be folly. Yes, young ones/new ones/what-have-you-call-thems can be lacking in knowledgeable experience (or we just don’t bother to notice their experience because the crone image is just so tied up with knowledge) but then so can many elders.. one cannot just assume. I will be the first to tell you that in my experiences, there are endless things I am inexperienced in. So where does that land me? I say.. who cares?? It’s all about perspective anyways. I would never call myself experienced – I know not so much when you consider the vast, I am forever learning and that is not my point here. We are (hopefully) all still learning or else where would we be really?

By Franz von Stuck - Tilla Durieux as Circe - 1913

Then there is innate ability, one must not discount that. The fiery one (my last post bringing her to mind) was much young when first we met but shrouded in an immense chaotic energy born to her.. I think some might have thought to call her inexperienced but she probably would have set their lives aflame. I saw her as she was, an elemental soul not to be passed by. And more recently my life has seen another, I would say young but not inexperienced.. I can tell you without a blink she is of the same presence. I can feel it, sometimes I can catch glimpses of it.. of the air, element of the spirits and of the earth and of the wildlings. More and more I am finding these people just passing through my life and am thankful. And I know of elders here and there, those of lost potential – great but stagnant beings.. who are we to judge the young ones? So what was my point? I don’t remember anymore, something to do with Y.. oh yeah, young ones in the community. Sometimes it is they that bring us knowledge and movement.


2 thoughts on “the young ones… y is for

  1. Yes, those of us who are elders and who have run covens for decades Must Always not think we are any better than young beginners, because many of them were elders in a previous life. At some time i like to be around those of some experience, but i am often turned off by their snobby dilettante stagnant thrones. I Know that most witches are natural witches who learn from the god/ess of Nature, not from books. I always say to those new on the path, yea go ahead and read some books and do some group rituals, but if you Really want to learn witchcraft then go out in the woods and be quiet and look and listen. Remember one of the sides of the witches pyramid is to be silent, not to wear your initiations like a general in the military wears metals or Boy Scouts wear merit badges (yes i know of a large nationwide coven locally run who wear “witch merit badges” on a sash, LOL).

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