yarrow to bring what is needed

Ruled by Venus and the element of water, Yarrow is often used for divination and to seek out love. It is used in spells of attraction. The flowers can be added to dream pillows to encourage prophetic dreams. My Yarrow popped up in a very odd place (inside one of my gazing balls) out of the blue and spoke to me of wanting to go someplace else.. he was for another but that other wasn’t ready. So we waited. The next spring I checked in on him. He seemed content and so we still waited.. and so it went.


Last spring he called to me in the garden and was ready to go. I took off his makeshift greenhouse intending to dig him up and informed my friend that he might be getting a new arrival. Days later, Yarrow disappeared. I think he must have been speaking of readiness in the non-physical, sometimes the messages really aren’t literal.. I just assumed. I am, however, curious to see if he pops back in next spring or if his work here is done.


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