zen and the scent of jasmine


I recently realized that I have been slowly surrounding myself with jasmine in my little garden area.. tucking it everywhere along the perimeter. It seems to me that I must have unknowingly developed a strong draw to it. It beckons me to it with its oppressive sweetness.

Jasmine is said to be a flower of love and of prophetic dreams.. its perfume almost licentious when in bloom. Jasmine has always whispered to me of death. It’s otherworldly call lingers in the back of my mind every time I am enfolded with its scent.. potently enigmatic and far too compelling.


2 thoughts on “zen and the scent of jasmine

  1. Jasmine has always been one of my favorite scents. I have a Jasmine incense that I LOVE! I burn it every full moon. I used to, and recently started wearing Jasmine oil mixed with a few other scents, playing around with them to find the perfect mix.

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