ripped bare

Yule’s altar pressed in on me early this year.. inklings starting to emerge with a feeling of itchiness, and by the time it was time, evolving into a major cleansing. Last year I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted my focus – so of course, it brought me something completely different. It was where I needed to be. This year it eased up on me in snippets.. slowly sneaking about and filtering pieces into my life unnoticed. Everything in its own time and all that. The first, a card that I realize now was the initiator of this movement – a white rabbit peering into the water at its and the moon’s reflection. It must have been hanging around for I don’t know how many months before I acknowledged its presence.. funny how the seemingly insignificant becomes so much more so.


As it happens, I had been doing a bit of that reflecting and there were(are) things of my personal, known only to me, that I know need some restructuring. The ebb & flow had already set in apparently. Then came the man of shadow and the moon, followed by the eight of cups (sent to me in a random package) and so there it all was – reflection, the moon, and drastic sweeping change. I consulted the wildwood which brought me the mirror.. a card from my very first reading of this deck and a card of water, then in the leave behind position. Now it seems it’s time to explore this particular card once again.. personal to me because I once was(am) known as Morgan in part. Maybe I need to revisit that call. So instead of gently reworking my altar, I stripped it bare and started over..


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