little hippie mama

I am a big fan of easy incense in my day to day workings. I generally only use loose when I’m doing something more involved (or as involved as I get, anyways).. but I do very much like the complexity of scent found in loose blends. As such, I find that I often have a hard time finding a cone or stick that I really like. I want it to be easy lighting, portable, and with a scent reminiscent of the loose. Yes, I am a picky pants. Then I stumbled upon Little Hippie Mama’s shop on Etsy. Hands down, she has the best smelling incense cones I’ve tried in quite some time. If you haven’t seen her shop, go now.. seriously, go now.


Little Hippie Mama is a crafter of whole herb incense, handmade with quality ingredients. She makes an amazing product. Already I am planning my next order. I love her unique scent combinations and her method of crafting. I ordered the four elements set to use as my seasonal go.. each and every one smells wonderful in package. I haven’t had a chance yet to burn these, but being a patchouli girl, I did order one of her patchouli blends as well –  Hippie Love. She states, “If you like a little cloud of smoke this one is for you”, and indeed it gives good smoke. A blend of dragons blood, Tonka, sandalwood, patchouli, red wine, and rose petals.. it is my new favorite patchouli.


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