a time for nesting


Other than having mass internal debates on how to restructure, I spent most of my time off last week just nesting.. which was really a nice change of pace from all the seasonal hectics (and the looming take down of the evidence of my holiday ornament obsession). I tried my hand at making some homemade cleaners.. a thought planted in my brain by the lovely Ms. Wilde’s significant other. I made a very iffy smelling glass cleaner (but it works wonderfully) and started a batch of orange enzyme cleaner. I didn’t use the yeast, though, deciding to wait out the three months.. I get some kind of oddball pleasure out of slowly crafting these things.


I laid to earth the burnings of Yule for everyone and winter sowed some Belladonna seed. I really just did an all over wind down. Most of my time was spent under my lovely new quilt the introvert made me, staying warm and reading. Those mine gifted me with the most amazing of gifts, it is already one of my greatest treasures, At The Crossroads.. a Scarlet Imprint book. I don’t know if I will ever be able to give enough gratitude for the thought that went into that, holding it just makes me feel special. I’ve also been lovingly stroking my new walkabout bag, a gift from another friend that was just beyond thoughtful.. it’s making me long for warm enough days to tromp through the woods again. Right now, though, I’m content to hide solitary under my binky, drink my mugwort tea, and catch up on my reading.

citrus enzyme cleaner:

3 well rounded tbsp. brown sugar

1 cup orange (or other citrus) peels, chopped

1/2 tsp yeast (opt, but if you use it it only takes a couple of weeks, not 3 mths)

1 large enough Ball jar

Put all ingredients in jar and shake vigorously, continue to shake once a day for the first month, then occasionally afterward. I read that sometimes you want to vent the cap to release gas buildup, I am just planning to unscrew mine every week or so. Keep in cool dry place for 3 mths, then strain (I plan to run the peels down the disposal at this point).

cornstarch glass cleaner:

combine 1/4 c white vinegar,1 tbsp. cornstarch, 2 c warm water.. shake before using.


4 thoughts on “a time for nesting

    1. I know!! It was such an amazingly sweet gesture.. I owe them so much loves!! I haven’t tried the cleaner yet, bunt I will let you know if it turns a bit sticky..

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  1. Love the times spent under a quilt – especially the one my grandmother and great aunt made (it is covered with carefully stitched life-like birds) – reading a book. I need to do more of that! Happy 2014 to you.

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