leaving the nesting

I decided to start my working on the full moon this year, with the moon aspect so prevalent on the altar but I ran a bit late. The chatter once constant has been eerily silent, a feeling of something just beyond my grasp weighs on me but with the exception of one minor inkling, all has been uneventful.. a bit of a change from the past year. Still, I had things to figure and so off I went to ponder said things in the light of the moon. The flitters of snow from earlier in the day had long since gone but the ground was still quite cold and crunchy beneath my bare feet. I wondered to myself as I smudged if I would be able to concentrate in such cold.. but that was of no matter, it was needed.

I knelt in the moonlight on the scattered sage, feeling the cold press of the rock in my bare skin and tried to relax as I lit my candle.  Once again I lay the card of my friend among a dusting of beach sand, throwing my rabbit bones around it, and called upon the man of shadow to seek answers to that which I was finding unclear.. it took a bit of time. Once the cold finally seeped back into my awareness, I bid him farewell and left my offer.. again the whisky and this time a bit of honey. I also lit a candle and left some pearly at the altar for the brown one and the white before I escaped back into the warmth of the home.


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