Although I have had such an eventful weekend (more on that later), I wanted to write on my eventful evening tonight instead. My boss (who I like to lovingly refer to as the Russian.. SITC joke for the fellas out there) invited me out to an interfaith worship at his synagogue.. And having just gotten back, I wanted to write while all was still fresh in my mind. This was only my second such endeavor (again, happy hermit here) and I am always amazed at how much I get just attending and listening. I arrived early, not knowing much of anyone other than the director and only in passing, but everyone was very inviting right away.. I can’t remember all the names but for an introvert such as myself it was really a kind thing. The evening started with a thirty minute observance where everyone inclined could light a candle and speak to their faith or even just have a silent observance.. There were even a couple of pagans in attendance, one gave a lovely reading on Imbolc. The most moving to me, a Jewish prayer for those in need.

After a short mingling (of which I ate cookies and pretty much kept to myself.. I know, terrible but I am just that solitary, some of us like the company of our cookies), there was a reading on the seven days of creation followed by an open discussion on time and light as related. I love the idea of time starting in the evening and involving community and the resting on the seventh day as recognition of all that there is sacred in life.. That they take such a moment, a breath as one attendee put it. I learned a few interesting things about his religion which is always a great thing but more importantly, I was honored that he reached out to me out of all the people he could have to attend such an event.. And again, it’s always a humbling thing to come across such open minded people in life.


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