the two truths

In this cup lies all the world’s wisdom, And I will share it with you.. Froud (GF/BF.. i believe)

Saturday past woke me with anticipation.. I had a planned sojourn to the coast with one of mine to visit Walking Bear. As always, he refreshes my spirit and makes the day to day a little easier to go back to and I was looking so forward to seeing him. I had plans to visit my grave and so was up early collecting this and that needed, still thinking on (as I had been the night before) of what I would want to do once we went to sea. For just a moment I saw her reflected in the altar’s ball, shining white with a crowning mass of coral where her hair should be (things have really been sneaking up on me lately) and an hourglass. She said I had but to just come and ask. I gathered up her bundle – some incense, the 8 crossing herbs, and the object requested. I tied them in an old piece of first altar cloth, still figuring what was needed. Then, remembering a convo with Blau earlier, I realized I already had my answer. He, with his great wisdom, had provided it not long before.. a truth was needed. Again, I love when things come together.

We made our first stop to the cemetery. At my grave I sat aside the cards a moment to retrieve the needed dirt. I left in its place the bottle I had prepared the previous evening, also dealing with a truth.. just one of a different matter. I reached over to grab my cards to read but one was already waiting for me – King of Stones, Wolf. Spirit felt quick and sure with its card. This one was for Walking Bear, and for once, it was not a bear card. I contemplated challenge and change, and the importance of being a rock. Was I up to it? Was he up to it? It’s all in time’s hands. I went to join the others.

With the first task completed, and a cup of coffee under our belts, we headed to the sea. The wind was something great, the cold was breathtaking, and the sand beat at us in challenge.. but we trudged along our path just the same. Determination was almost a living thing inside me at this point, and I had come to seek a truth for one of mine. As life would have it, the path set us out near the rock (a place I had just been thinking of just that morning) and I knew this to be my spot. I headed out into the turbulent water to give the lady her prize and to collect that which would hopefully hold the answers. Her icy chill invaded my very being, calling me to the waves.. always calling me in. I silently sent my request upon the air as I tossed her the bundle, turning to collect a bit of the waves in my bottle. I quickly headed out, lest her kindness turn, the wind ushering me on my way. She is the sea, after all, full of ancient things and ancient wisdoms, all there if you would but choose to surrender.. and for me her call is always strong.


King of Stones – Wolf (from the wildwood):

Revered as a ruthless tracker and hunter, the wolf has had a special symbolism for thousands of years and was the subject of ancient Pictish stone carvings. Comfortable in the dark and cold of winter, it was seen as a guardian of the dead on their journey through the night to the otherworld.

Love of the land and of the natural world guides much of what you do. You look often to the wisdom of others and to traditional values to color your life choices. Security brings pleasure; loyalty crowns every endeavor.

Questions – Who offers you the best security or pragmatic advise? What is the intrinsic value to you or others? Where do you need to provide support? Where is life offering you its riches?


7 thoughts on “the two truths

  1. Very nice ritual with your friend. Whose grave were you visiting? Someone in particular or just of Ghede in general? Some white Vodoun friends of mine from Pittsburgh years ago made a pumpkin offering bowl to Oshun and filled it with offerings to float away in the current. New moon is always good for offerings to the more frightful Lwa, like the ocean, and we have two new moons this month. Once i get response to my questions i will reblog it as it is a lovely story, and thanks for mention of me, not necessary at all. BB.

    1. Just in general, it is this one I am always called to but I have not found any information on it and the stone can’t be read.. It’s so worn. Up until this last time, always at least one bear card.. Usually the same one, well, it to this time. And thanks for the reblog (and my direction that day) 🙂

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      1. There is Ghede and there are the ghedes, or guardians of particular cemeteries. Usually the particular Ghede of a particular cemetery is the oldest male grave there, so you probably found him. You could try a rubbing to see if you can read it clearer. Reblogging so thanks.

  2. Thanks for your experiences here. I can understand your wariness of the sea, not a deity I approach much if it all…

    Although the Wildwood deck isn’t one I use myself (I connect more with the fay and a Faery deck) I have a friend who reads them for me. These readings are often more grounding and steadfast than when I seek advice from the fay and have been a big help to me.

    1. I dabble in other decks, I am a big fan of faery oriented decks which I think by their very nature bring many meanings in one. I think when you find that deck, the one that is for you, it just reads like a part of yourself.. It’s a bond. I love the sea, always have but I am always careful, it has such a strong call for me, like the trees.. I think everyone has those curtains that are their greatest bringers of knowledge and their biggest weakness for lack of a better term.

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