a dance to wake the earth


photo courtesy of my lovely favorite introvert

The day set in with a much more spring-like feel than I had expected.. a nice surprise considering the snow days before. The weather here tends to be indecisive and I was glad for a bit of warmth, even if it was just a bit. I gathered up my offerings –  some honey pepper vodka, a piece of snake shed from my jar, and a crow feather dressed in red thread. I had chosen a favored spot where there would be plenty of trees.. still feeling my way as we are even now a bit new to each other, varied in our paths (which makes it all the more). Still, the sky was above, the earth below, the water near, and the trees were in attendance.. what else could one really need?

We made our way back through the cold trickling of stream and the sucking of the mud –  surprisingly deep in some places, lying in wait for us under the cover of decaying leaves. The earth seemed intent on working us hard but the introvert trudged ahead looking quite set on her destination and so we followed her toward the chosen. Two hawks? soared overhead as if giving her their approval. We cast the caim at the base of the moss laden cypress surrounded by a sea of others of its kind.. hugely towering and silent in their watch. We laid our offers and started the chant.. hesitant at first but catching our rhythm as we found the words.

I did my best in the dance to pound my feet, the muddiness making it more of a squelching but the intent was there and truly that is what matters.. we were there, we were celebrating, and we were having fun. The introvert kept our rhythm going and I did my best to keep up with Lola ahead.. still I dropped out much early, surprised out how quickly I had tired. Lola went not so far behind me and Kayla managed to out dance us all.. a ball of joyful energy running around  and out exploring the trees. We had a lovely grounding picnic, just hanging out with nature before we made our way back, covered in mud and feeling a bit rejuvenated (or at least I did). As we crossed back over the shallows, I spotted a turtle stirring.. I think we may have woken him as well.


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