whale song

“With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.”

– William Wordsworth

On my last coastal sojourn, Walking Bear gifted me with a most lovely necklace. I wanted to post it on it’s own, it is that treasured. I can only imagine the time it took him to craft it.. my beautiful fossilized whale bone necklace. Each bead color corresponds to something of great importance, and as he said – this one’s coloring is more suiting of, you know.. the other one.  For me, my favorites reside at the top joining – two yellow for the sun and the moon, two white for my rabbit/hare. They rest right where my neck meets my spine.. the spine’s connection to the World Tree, and he anointed it with sweet grass oil which smells amazing.


I did some research on whale as a creature of spirit and found there the power of emotional endurance. I found the comparison of surface emotions to the floating driftwood and of the more profound of those buried deep to “the lumbering beasts we dare not let surface (wolfs moon)”. I like the imagery of the haunting call of the whale’s soul connecting me to the deeper mysteries. It is a fitting time in my life, I think, for such a gift.


7 thoughts on “whale song

  1. Wow. Beautiful and what a wonderful gift. Consider yourself blessed. My girlfriend, who is part Native American and looks it, makes bracelets for me too. If i remember right the whale started out as a land animal and then went back into the ocean? I think so…. The blue beads are the color of the upper ocean reflecting the sky. The black beads are the color of the deep waters….

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