valentine’s day… v is for

Below is a post that was intended for PBP letter V last year that I never did post.. however, ’tis the season..

Valentine’s day, not a holiday I celebrate usually, but the below was what popped in my head for the letter “V”..

val 034

“you hand out in graveyards, you collect mummified remains of amphibians, you practice necromancy, you cook like a chef, you dress fierce, you are a diva, I love you.. happy valentine’s day”.. now that my friends, is the best valentine I’ve ever received..

This I received in the mail out of the blue one year.. it’s the little things.. thanks WB! I love you!


5 thoughts on “valentine’s day… v is for

  1. Michelle – i can barely make that out even when saving and blowing it up, but it looks sweet. why not type the words into the blog to make it easier for people to read? Hey Valentine’s day is Friday like Frigg’s day and you know what Frigg is in the four FFFFs of the Goddess, AND it is Full Moon, so Perfect for lovers. Love and be loved. BB. Lee

    1. I didn’t even think about, I guess I can read it b/c I know what it says, lol! I did notice the Full Moon.. giggity..

      On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 4:16 PM, love by the moon wrote:


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