the importance of semi-strangers..

(or when the universe gently suggests I stop being a stuck up shut in & occasionally put myself out there)

Today, in the here, I was a big ball of stress, both personally and professionally. Also, by saying today, I am including this entire month. This day, though, held me under an early morning deadline with the promise of an office get together to round it out.. which means people.. lots, and my innate urge to disappear under my office binky. It’s not that said people aren’t lovely and such, just that they’re people (did I mention lots of them?) and they are there to celebrate the month’s birthdays.. so there was no escape, being my 40 was lurking.

Now, this isn’t my usual hiding from the public whining.. this is my nod to those people who unexpectedly make your day better. I had one of those today. We were in conversation of the general chit chat one does during these times , when she mentioned that she’d read some of this blog. It is a terrible thing to say, but I automatically braced (feeling like I’d just been seen naked at the gym by a co-worker, a feeling Cin & I had once discussed as being on the far end of not so good) even though I knew her to be of the sweetest of people (this held true even before she said she liked it), only to remind myself to be open. It’s that old fear of the unfamiliar.. walk the walk and all that.

Later, the thought came upon me.. how often in life do I ever do the same, take the time to acknowledge something of importance to someone I do not know well? Probably not often enough.. and it made my day a bit brighter. Now, with all that rambly aside, since I know she visits here, this reading is for her..

I decided on a simple one card, as they seem to hold the most possibility.. at least to me. And instead of my usual Wildwood, I chose The Heart of Faerie. As I said, I don’t know her well at all, but I do know she has had some wonderful energies surrounding her, great discoveries and exciting changes in love, hearth, and home. I lit a red candle of cinnamon (not that she needs it), set the incense smoking – adding a few extra rose petals (not that she needs it), and then, dropping my dove’s foot near (yeah, you guessed it), began the shuffle.. three times three..


The Lady of Leprechauns
Clear Sight / Foreknowledge / Faerie Gifts

Who is the Lady of Leprechauns? To begin we must look at those she protects – the Leprechauns themselves.. Tricky beings as they are sometimes helpful & sometimes misleading. They can be surprised, caught, & very rarely convinced to give up their pot of gold.. it is a rare and lucky person who gets to be the keeper of what the Leprechaun gives up. If they are tricky, their Lady is more so.. she holds the gifts of Faerie in both hands, gifts of knowledge of the future and of clear sight. Who does not want to see life clearly? In her other hand lies the crystal faceted horn.. you only get to see one facet at a time, each of a different view.. tricky.

When I look at this card I see all the choices of the future ahead, a new and exciting future born out of a decision to see the clarity of where one is headed.. stay as is or make the clear choice for happiness regardless of surrounding obstacles (shown in the shadow card) and she is the keeper, the one of that clear sight who has won that chance at happiness.


The Messenger (pulled as the shadow card)
Confusion / Mischief / Gossip

The Messenger flits between the Faerie courts delivering messages and whispering to all.. he can be a force for good intentions or mischief.. forever ready to tell you what someone else thinks and always with the excuse of trying to be helpful. It can be irresistible, but the hurt it causes is not so easily mended.

I won’t get into this card so much, I feel it clearly in the past or passing.. maybe a worry. And I do my best not to deal with the Messengers out there.


2 thoughts on “the importance of semi-strangers..

  1. Oh my turned 40. Well that’s why we only have 10 fingers to count only the decades to 100, LOL. Oh my, out of the blog closet at work, someone recognized yr face or name, oh well, when i worked i was out as a witch for better and for worse. Lovely tarot deck, lovely.

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