of zebras and banshees

The zebra and I were sitting across from each other at a table, he was relaxed.. one leg crossed over the other in his chair, hands folded across his midriff (if a zebra can have such a thing.. I think he did). He was telling me something of great importance and looking very scholarly while doing so.. was he wearing glasses, or is that just the picture I see now in mind’s eye?? No matter, I awoke remembering exactly what he had been saying.. but then it slipped away and was replaced with the thought – a zebra?? wtf?? I just don’t know sometimes..

Cin sent me this and the part about support (due to recent discussions) really stood out for me and I also liked these bits – “Zebras are master magicians, who utilise the energy of light and dark to shift realities and expand our consciousness, helping us see past our preconceived beliefs as they lead us into the mystery and magic of the unseen”. Hmmm.. master magician, I might need a new hat..



Zebra totemness, just for the fun of it all.. clarity without filters, balance, uniqueness, power, sureness of path, the blending and balancing of opposites enabling us to see a deeper truth.. there is more than one way of looking at things. Embrace your individual differences and look at the whole of who you and others are. And the less happy – if zebra comes to you in a dream and is tame (which I must assume is a yes, as we were holding quite the conversation), be aware someone seeks to besmirch your honor.. Really?? I just love that whole phrase.. I am not so worried.. bring it..

A week or so later came the banshee’s visit and with it a riddle of sorts.. I was in this place about to leave to see a very important event, I was in the same place as the event and in the room? building? with me was a person of importance involved in the event.. I knew them in the dream but who they were I could not tell you.. I simply can’t remember.. not even their sex, my monster (the mother) was in the room and outside were the two fathers.. I knew this but couldn’t see them. My monster said to me, “he will protect you” but I don’t know who the he was and he wasn’t one of them. A white banshee appeared beside her, wrapping her hands around my throat and I heard a woman’s voice in my head say ” I found him in the lily”..  I woke up choking and trying to scream, thinking I would be unable to move. I saw the banshee woman in my mind’s eye trying to pull me back under, but I didn’t go.

It is said that the keening of a banshee is meant to torture the souls of the living or as an omen of death. She often appears as a wizened old female figure in rags, dirty faded hair hanging about her sunken features. Her mouth, full of pointed rotten teeth, open to emit that chilling wail full of hatred and sorrow. Generally speaking, the banshee legend is most prevalent in Scottish/Irish folklore but I did find the following on a local legend..

The Tar River Banshee
Patriot David Warner ran a grist mill on the Tar River. Then came the day
when three British soldiers arrived at his mill. When the soldiers told the
openly rebellious Warner that they were going to drown him in the river — he
bid them to go ahead, but warned that the banshee would get them for their
transgressions. As the bound and weighted Warner sunk to the river bottom, a
piercing scream filled the air. That night a woman’s shape materialized out
of the river’s mist, eerily beautiful. She disappeared, but the banshee’s
scream was soon heard again. Shortly thereafter, the same three British
soldiers who drowned Warmer received sentences to grind grain at the mill
because their rough justice had been unauthorized. Fiendishly, the banshee
would cry late in the night, tormenting them. Eventually, the banshee lured
the three British soldiers to the river, where they drowned. Now, although
the soldiers are long since gone, it’s been said that if you listen carefully
on nights when the moon is new, it’s possible to hear the banshee as she
comes out of the mist to scream.
– Lisa Galloway

Source: Guiley, R.E. The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits. Roundhouse
Publishing Ltd., 1992.


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