respect for the quiet places



The last excursion of my birthday weekend found me off-roading in the woods at the museum of art. I went intending to walk the trails, having not been there in awhile.. however, the trails had been opened up so much that it just wasn’t where I wanted to be. I had the thought that it’s true, we are losing our respect for the quiet places.. I had recently read this somewhere and to me it was no more evident than it was as I was standing there in a trail that wasn’t a trail. No matter, I decided to strike off and into the more wooded (or as much wooded as I could find).  We came across a lovely little stream of sorts running beneath a tree.. it’s running water had carved its own place, much looking like a hidden entrance, beneath the roots. I saw my tree in the distance across and managed to convince the husband to cross through. The briars licked at our clothing and scratched at what exposed flesh they could, but we managed it just the same.. the husband fussing about my bare feet the entire time but I like the connection to the earth. The tree turned us out quite near the opposite side of the museum, so we easily found our out after.. a perfect adventure of mini proportions.




The week following found me occupied with trying (still) to settle the new little one – apparently some of his wildness still lingers, and catching up on making the arnica salve for my friend. Her husband has joint pain (as I do) and so we are giving it a go. I have yet to test it but what I squeezed out of the herb infusion seemed to at least smell nice.. I will have to update later. I hear it makes a good sore muscle rub as well.. which brings me to the garden and the last of my not overly eventful day to day (but I hadn’t written in a bit and so).. The new moon found me out in the garden, trying to plot but I wound up getting distracted and adding to my ever growing reading list (goodbye garden monies). I did end the week tidying it for the upcoming spring. We had a lovely day of whispering winds and warm sun.. the season ahead giving us a teaser. I look forward to getting my hands in the dirt and being surrounded by the flush of new growth. Sadly, the odd weather we’ve had took out one of my rosemary plants and possibly my youngest jasmine. Even some of the elders were showing a bit of damage. I did get a bit of encouragement from the comfrey I put to ground, it’s tiny little green shoots pushing through. There wasn’t any growth on my hawthorn stick yet.. still, it is early and it goes to ground in spring. All in all, a busy but not necessarily exciting time in the household this past.



Arnica Salve

1 oz Arnica flower     1/2 oz Comfrey     2 tbsp. lavender buds (I didn’t weigh out)     heavy sprinkle of ground cinnamon     1/2 oz St John’s Wort     1/2 oz Solomon’s Seal     1 tsp camphor essential oil     1/2 tsp eucalyptus essential oil     7 drops lavender essential oil

I covered the herbs with olive oil and used the heat method (lowest heat setting on oven, mine was 200 degrees for apprx 5 hrs then shut off and left overnight). I strained, squeezing out all the good bits, having apprx 1 1/2 to 2 c infused oil to put in the double boiler. I heated and added the essential oils, then apprx 1 oz of beeswax and a few drops of vitamin E. Then I poured and set to cool.. easy. Normally I do the cold steep but I was a bit pressed for time. Other herbs I considered adding, as a curiosity.. chamomile, basil, rosemary, or some cayenne (super warming).


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