Sorrow and renewal

He has always been a little damaged, my little maple. I find it to be one of his most endearing qualities. We’ve spent many a lovely afternoon together, even so – his protective presence anchored right outside my altar window. I can no longer feel him and it makes me sad. Soon it will be time for him to go and I am just not sure that I will be ready.. but I started the preparations anyway. This time of year usually brings me out into the garden for seasonal plantings and this year, although a bit soul crushing, is also special. The promise of new is upon me and I have my tiny hawthorn to put to ground. She is but a little stick. I like the idea that we may be growing old(er) together. It’s a little exciting, even with the looming loss of my great protector. I prepped her a spot near and for the now she will be sheltered under the maple’s branches.. fitting, I think. Having already smudged, I lit the incense and lay my offers in the freshly dug earth. I spoke to her of home and of the future. I hope she will find happiness here.
This was my last bittersweet task after having previously finished up the pruning. I had decided to keep the poisons out (i.e. new kitten) and concentrate on planting with the fae in mind and possibly those things I use most (which really isn’t much, most usually it finds its way to me). My thoughts had quickly turned from making plans to restructuring my practice, then further meandering to expanding my reading list (which I mentioned on earlier).. the first bit of my preciouses from that day have arrived. I haven’t been able to get to all of them yet, considering I have a stack ahead of this one as well, but I was already envisioning many warm days out in the garden fondling my books. Before I left to go back to the day to day, I noticed my periwinkle had already a bloom.
Left to Right
Palo Mayombe – The Garden of Blood and Bones
Voudon Gnosis
Between the Realms – Cornish Myth and Magic
The Black Toad

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