cutting the thread of life

Everyday she seems to unfold more of her deadly leaves as if she senses the oncoming warmth. My little Atropa, miraculously beating the odds.. she was the only one of the many sown who managed to poke her little green out so far. Every time we meet I feel awe at her tenacity and guilt that we must part. With the addition of the new kitten, I worry endlessly about leaving her unattended. I worry they may become too much acquainted in his curiosity.Ā  This has happened before with my lovely foxglove and really I should know better by now. Sometimes they just call to me, though. Sometimes the call better ignored is just not.. well, in any case, I shall be gifting her. Hopefully she’ll thrive in her new home. Maybe I can visit. Then again, maybe that was her intent all along.



6 thoughts on “cutting the thread of life

  1. She is beautiful, and her leaves look nice and healthy. Perhaps she just needed a safe haven to get started, and picked you as it. Even if you gift her to someone else, I imagine your life has been influenced by her in many ways.

    I intensely worry about certain plants too, often more than I worry about a new baby >_<

      1. I dunno, I have had 3 babies, and even with all the anxiety of caring for them, caring for seedlings is much more intense for me.

        I have never been able to grow many kinds of plants aside from some Morning Glory, some Spider plants, and some Aloe Vera. Everything else is touch and go.

        Your infant Atropa is way outside anything I have grown, but I would love to one day have one of my own šŸ™‚

  2. Keep at it, it took me awhile to work at establishing a bond with my plants, I can grow so many now but even so, there are some that just don’t seem to like me.. Snapdragons for example, lol.. And spearmint.. But I haven’t given up..

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