the ancestor altar



Sometime after that weekend of graveyards, Cin said to me that she’d heard something about how women pass a certain part of their DNA on to the other women in their family line.. that bit of it is identical in each generation of women.. I don’t think she could’ve said anything else more perfect to me than that. These are the things I can remember.. making poultices for boo boos  and using the soothing aloe, how she once curled my hair in those big fat foam curlers, taking me to the lake where we could literally walk out to feed the alligators, the orange lipstick she always wore when she went out on the town, and the mermaid shaped bottle of scented water she gave to me (the husband bought me one same years later as I had lost track of that one). These are all the memories that I have and I have struggled with the feeling of family when it comes to the immediate.. the few of my Gran probably my most happy.


Most revolve around the girlie aspects of her, so I chose to put the ancestor altar on my bathroom vanity.. it seemed the most fitting. I struggled with it being the bathroom but in the end, it was just right.. then I read a bit about ancestor altars being kept near a pipe (in the bathroom, garage, laundry, etc) because the pipes lead into the earth where the ancestors lived. I really liked that thought. Every morning I will see it and it will be right next to the sink. I seem to be exploring my eclectic of late and the dark moon saw me completing this task. I filled the mermaid bottle with the graveyard dirt, some herbs, little bits of sea glass, a couple tiny shells, a loaded alligator tooth, and some red thread. I used this same thread to tie together another oracle shell and the other half of the rabbit jawbone. I put near some feather and shell given that day from Walking Bear. I added a dish and bottle gifted to me from Lola, it was at All Hallows at her house when I first felt a twinge of missing that connection. I put in my favorite found picture.. maybe more things will come to me later.





6 thoughts on “the ancestor altar

  1. Beautiful. What a lovely woman with a lovely smile. When did she pass over dear? I never heard about ancestors and water pipes but makes sense if their bodies are in the watery earth and their astral forms not yet reincarnated. I know the dead sometimes appear in the form of snakes so that makes sense with the snaking pipes. Hmm, i just had my pipes expensively but necessarily roto-rooted out but that is the septic, stuff going out, not the nice mountain spring water that comes in through my well. And Native Americans believed amongst other tribes around the world that the spirits of the dead take the form of snakes especially water snakes…..

    1. Thanks! I love that picture. Per records, July of 1988, I don’t remember much about it, I feel like I remember being with family at the grave site once the remains were retrieved (she donated) but it’s all very vague..

      On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 12:26 PM, love by the moon wrote:


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