blood & water

The night before, I was reading unrelated matter when the thought popped in.. I still had not made it to my natural scry. I entertained putting it off yet again, but the idea persisted.. poking its sharp little claws in and out of my brain as I was trying to concentrate. I really just wanted to read, but it was of no use. I would have to figure something out. As it was, the next morning I found myself up much too early with the cats than any normal person should have to be on a weekend. The morning twilight was just ahead and I decided to make the best go of it.. and I wanted to be allowed to read that night. I set to light the charcoal, dropping a few bits of sage on it to smudge while I started the prep. I gathered the cut crystal bowl, filling it with a mix of spring water, a bit of jade pool, and a pinch of mugwort. I lit the candles, placing one on the floor by where I would sit, and dropped my quartz crystal into the bowl of water. Once I had all my bits in place, I set some incense to smoke, opened the sunroom doors so I could hear the plants whisper, and sat down to center a bit.  When I was ready, I put some of my blood into the bowl, stirring it with my finger three times three. I cradled the bowl in my hands, at the edge of my lap nearest the candle so I could catch some of the light in its underneath as I looked deep within. I saw many things, in the eventually.. and I saw again the red eyed horse. Until now she only moved about my dreams, until now.. I have much to think on.


Just a quick practical note – I do not plan to get too much into the ins and outs of using blood in workings. I find it a particularly useful personal connection at times and I have no issues with its use (obviously). One must take the proper care and intention, I think.. and it is a personal choice. As I have said (and probably will again) – one must work in ways they feel work best for them.


7 thoughts on “blood & water

  1. that’s just it, I’m not sure.. it’s like she’s leading me to something but I get no feel for what, just that she’s very ethereal (and slightly scary in feeling), and she poses a bit of a challenge.. or warning.. I’m not sure..

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