of horses and books

I hate to just willy nilly ignore the outs and abouts.. jumping right in and out of PBP, but here I go anyways. I received the email (I still greatly enjoy exploring the posts) and this week was the letter H. Among the suggested topics – horses and hares.. I call kismet. As mentioned, I have a reoccurring horse with red eyes. I am always in discussions with the fiery one ( or was before she disappeared into life) about this one and maybe her ties to Morrigan and the Tuatha De Danann or perhaps the fae in a more general sense. Theories, theories.. But nothing quite fits as of yet. I won’t go so much over all that but here is a bit of folklore..

As related to Ana or Danu, the Morrigan is associated as a Goddess of the land, and Macha is said to be one of the Tuatha de Danann. She is said to be linked with both horses and crows.

Baba Yaga has three horsemen who are said to represent day, sunrise and night.. a white rider on a white horse, a red rider on a red horse and a black rider on a black horse.

As a totem, horse brings gifts of  presence, journey, freedom, and a sense of knowing and deep mystery.. horse is of the wind.

“In legends told throughout the Far East, central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, horses were considered mediums between the Spirit and Material Worlds. Certain Celtic tribes used a white mare as an oracle. Arabic tales exalted the horse’s sixth sense. Horses were also perceived as carrying riders between the seen and unseen realms or leading people to some form of lost knowledge. Modern Yakut shamans wouldn’t dream of visiting the Otherworld without the aid of their horses.”

horse spirit connections

Then there is the Kelpie, a Scottish water faerie..


Although sometimes appearing the guise of a hairy man, this is more often seen in the form of young horse. The Kelpie haunts rivers and streams and, after letting unsuspecting humans mount him, will dash into the water and give them a dunking.

The Each-Uisge (Ech-ooshkya), or Aughisky (Agh-iski) as he is known in Ireland, inhabits seas and lochs and is far more dangerous. After carrying his victims into the water, he will tear them to pieces and devour them, leaving nothing but the liver.

If the Aughisky is ridden inland, he is quite safe, but the slightest smell or sight of sea water will spell death to the rider..”

-Brian Froud, Faeries

I also looked to my cards (i will use any excuse) to find some horse imagery.. I found two that caught my eye..


Ten of Disks from the Mary-El

“..The Mountain.. The suit of Disks starts with the Minotaur, a demi-god, violent, crazed, and imprisoned in a labyrinth deep in the earth. By the end of the suit of Disks he has escaped the maze and climbed the mountain, a sure-footed mountain goat long of horn, curious, and wise, riding the black earth with skill, and holding the spheres of the tree of life in perfect balance. The 10 completes the circle and the wheel, most ancient of symbols. It completes the work of the other three elements – Fire, Water and Air, grounding them and bringing them to full physical manifestation. The wheel of dharma turns. Like the mountain, the 10 of Disks is the ultimate card of Earth. Every movement you make, visible or invisible, touches everything else, moving it..”


The Knight of Stones, Horse from The Wildwood

“..passing through Midwinter.. The prehistoric horse once common in Europe was often depicted in Palaeolithic cave art. The Huffington White Horse chalk figure once held a long barrow in its mouth, representing the breath of life and protection of the dead. The thirty-thousand-year-old carving of an unshod hoof is said to represent both the vulva (new life) and the primal footprint showing in the track through the forest.  Healthy activity and self-sufficiency colour your path. Physical strength supports your decisions and pleasure is important. Daring,pride, and a love of the Earth lead you to attempt even more amazing feats. Let the Horse carry you..”

Still, most of what I’ve found deals with the white or the black, I haven’t found much on brown.. and I am still in search of what rings true..


On another tangent, completely unrelated, my second round of books (it’s a sickness) arrived overthe last few weeks. I have just started Toads and Toadstools. The artwork is beautiful in that one and also in The Poison Diaries.. which everyone I lent it to said was creepy but I just loved it. I have stacks and stacks piling up, it will definately be a Spring of reading.. possibly moving into Summer if I don’t stop..




2 thoughts on “of horses and books

  1. AHH! Toads and Toadstools is a good one, especially if you really like well…toads and toadstools! A plethora of information about both. I purchased it a while back in January and have been reading in it off and on. I made some valuable connections with it earlier this year and it inspired a drawing out of me which I actually haven’t finished yet.

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