a dance with mj

Completely out of the sky and by no means of any kind whatsoever, this herbal tincture popped out of thin air. Amazing, it was. I’ve been so busy with this and that – making bags & bottles for peoples, wandering the graveyards, and dallying in other such unusuals that the poor girl was kind of pushed off to the side for a bit. She finally found her way back to me in a cup of tea one night.. it’s been a long time my love..


I started by holding a few drops under my tongue, which tasted not so good, but I’d read somewhere it was an easy way to go. I got nothing from that. I entertained taking a shot if not for the taste. In the end, I wound up putting two full pipettes into a small cup of hot tea.. using my new $85 blend so I could make it an experience. Yes, you saw that right.. and yes, it is a great story. However, in interest of getting to the point, I will summarize.. I’m a total idiot and it was highway robbery. And yes, I did consider making a run for it. Now I have enough tea to last at least a year.. AND I learned a valuable lesson, thank you universe.


Anyhoos, let me get back to my lovely mj.. who is quite a lulling soul. She was so much so that I added two more pipettes to another small cup of hot tea. She made me feel quite noodley (I’m making that a word) and I might could have stood a bit more. She hung around for a bit. We got along great. It was all very relaxing. I can see where this would help in focusing and quieting the mind, if not slipping the skin. We may have to visit again soon, I have been trying to find time to work a bit with bear and I think she might be good to have along.

– – btw, this was a belated post.. for reasons..


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