label makers.. the ranting of a madwitch..

What is the point of sticking a label on ourselves? I’ve never been much on it as far as ego and the like, but sometimes it makes things so much the easier in getting a point across. It’s a love/hate thing.. sad but true, and sometimes necessary to quicken the point. That said, if you look somewhat directly over to your right (or when this post is on top anyways), you will see “animism, spirit work, avid dirt worshipper” listed under “witch” and sometimes you will see “hedge”.. all labels of a form (dirt worshipper being most accurate). What do those mean to me? Everything. What makes me use these specifically (other than the aforementioned point across)? They are me.. or I am they.. or something like that. No, I don’t need your opinion on that, it just is. How did I learn? Now, I bet you are expecting me to say I trained in this and that (on occasion), inherited this and that (no, not so much), and/or read this and that (well, yes.. I read this and that all the time.. also the other). So again, how? I went out and did(do) the work – I tried different things, I answered any call I felt I needed to, I listened to the spirits, I went out in nature, I journeyed, I read, I researched, I worked with the dreams. I went out and did. I go out and do. Had any bad experiences? Well, sure.. a lesson learned isn’t always pleasant. My advice? I love reading, please do read up on anything and everything; seek out others who can share their experiences/techniques, and just go forth and do. Start somewhere. Teachers? Oh yeah – the best ones have roots in the ground or fur/feathers on their bodies, or pass through your life and bring you inspiration, or whisper to you on the air in the graveyard.. get out there.. oh yeah, I’m repeating myself. It’s not that I don’t take instruction when funds allow and the mood strikes or something catches my fancy. I do. I am a dabbler, after all. It’s just that, honestly, I learn more from those said passings, roots, and whispers than anything else. It just is. My way may not be your way or even what you’re seeking as a way.. and vice versa. My tendency to dabble or my (sometimes) tendency to be a bit less than super serious may irritate, but I like a little joyousness (and sometimes even silliness) in my spiritual. What brought on this rant? I really don’t remember now..


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