nelia of the fire

Little Nelia has captured my heart. I found her quite by accident, trolling through the many pages of Etsy, and I was instantly enamored. Charred by wildfire, gall at her base.. well, she’s had a rough time of it. Still, she is so very beautiful. I was drawn. I stuck her in my loves and decided to think on it. I had a stang, a beautifully crafted one at that who spoke to my elements, my personal.. I spent much time making it mine by adding bits and bobbles of myself. It was perfect.. and yet still she called to me. “Nelia would be wonderful for someone who has made poor decisions in the past and has ongoing pain in their life from those decisions”.. well, yes and no.. and maybe.. I mean, haven’t we all? “This stang can assist with healing and nurturing, moving the user along the path to becoming just who they are supposed to become”.. I like the sound of that.. but it did make me think of another healing, nurturing soul. She is not of my element, or so I thought, before I researched the wood.. the wildfire element dancing in the foremost of my mind. So why the call? Why the call? Turned out, mesquite draws from the element of water and earth but I hadn’t bothered to look until after she arrived. I don’t know if that is the reason, though.. but she sure does sing to me. I can’t stop touching her, stroking her.. I even caught myself talking to her one day.. maybe she knows something that I don’t. Maybe I do need her. Her call is quiet but strong and she is now one of mine.

image won’t find Nelia (mine, my precious) there anymore but this shop, widdershinshop, is just full of speaking things.. beautiful speaking things..


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