baby bear’s reading


My new loves Gomi has been taking quite an interest in my spiritual. He’s been rearranging the altar as he sees fit, trimming the workroom plants, and running off with bones he doesn’t think I need to work with at that particular time. . very helpful. Most recently, he’s taken up the cards. He spent an entire afternoon pondering their mysteries, shuffling them around on the floor until just the right one called to him. I know this because he was particularly adamant about that one, having carried it off to the side of the others to contemplate it and mark it as his own.. thoroughly chewing the corner to be sure he could find it again. He insistently refused to give it up when I tried to retrieve it from him, laying full body on it and swiping at me whenever I tried to see what it was. Originally we gave him the spirit name Little Big Head but now he has a second.. Baby Bear. Apparently, at least in his sphere, he is the great polar bear.



The Great Bear

The Great Bear is placed at the Winter Solstice on 21 December. It’s element is Earth and it is associated with the dark sun, the gateway of the dead and their rebirth, and the still point of renewal and healing.

Between two yew trees lies an ancient burial mound of the kind known as a passage grave. Upon this a polar bear crouches, keeping watch. The initiate has been laid to rest, covered by earth and stone, and now waits to be reborn, guarded by the shamanic sentinel of the mound.

Roots and Branches

renewal, universal mind, inescapable truth, the even hand, cosmic law, reincarnation, the sleep of the just, karma, nothing is forgotten, the cage of guilt, reaping what has been sown, the divinity of forgiving


8 thoughts on “baby bear’s reading

      1. Me too! It started many years back, long before the fashion craze the last couple of years. Once I was driving through a deserted residential neighborhood and out of nowhere a woman crossed the street in front of me. She had on a zebra print hat, coat, pants and was pulling a zebra print suitcase on wheels!!! I was amazed to say the least. Be well Morgan:)

  1. Sounds like my Kittybaby, Traveling Jack Magick. Cats are very spiritual, don’t you think.

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