who said jumping was easy?

“Many different aspects come together to help a rider to jump the Hedge. Training, experience, and natural ability all coalesce with the tools of the trade to allow us to cross from this world into the Otherrealms. As with all aspects of traditional crafting, what you bring to your practice directly reflects what you will get out of it.”

— Elige Stewart, Getting a Running Start, Aids to Jumping the Hedge

As I read this, not too long ago, my first thought was of how many times I’ve talked about doing the work. This is not about that, per se. This is specifically about trial & error, feeling out a process, adjusting expectations, and practicing (okay, so.. yes, doing the work). I think many go into this aspect of their craft with the idea that they will be able to move right into it.. a manner of ease, so to speak. I am certainly not saying it’s impossible, but on the average, most have to put more into it. I think maybe those with natural ability might have an easier go, possibly, but it is never what I would call easy. This is your spiritual, it is important you put in the time, establish those bonds, train your body/mind. It is not supposed to be easy. Even when accustomed, you will still have failed attempts and surprises. It’s a lot of work. Again, you must train your body/mind to those cues/techniques that you are using, and that’s once you figure out what cues/techniques work for you. So what is one to do? Keep at it. Don’t give up on a few failed attempts. If you try something several times and just intuitively feel it’s not right, then try something else. When you find a technique that you feel is personally right, keep at it. It’s a process.. don’t be afraid to tweak it to a better fit. I try new things on occasion still, I just never know when I find something that I can incorporate a bit into my regular. The important thing is to work at it until it is familiar, until it becomes second nature, until it feels right. This is your craft and it is all in what works for you.

I won’t go into all the different techniques (this post would turn way long and really, you should be doing the work), or how it rarely goes in the manner you think it will (sometimes you have to adjust your expectations, we all experience things differently), or even how tired you will be after (or maybe that’s just me.. and hungry, but then I fast a bit before).. this was just a little post to say, you have to work at it. They just don’t hand things over to you all pretty and wrapped up square, and if they do.. I promise that you are about to learn a hard lesson.



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