late spring cleaning & a trip to mayfaire

Another thing I did the past week was rework my altar.. this time as a necessity, but I really was feeling the need to simplify. Little Big Head has been spending a lot of time up there and so I wanted to clear him some space. I also (finally) decided on a bowl for my wild reading pieces.. I like to stir them with my hands as opposed to the traditional bag shaking and such. In this I am simplified as well. My cloth is not marked (although my fellow hedger tempted me on that one recently with her arrival of pigments), I don’t have any grand system (many use their marking for reading, or read central to out.. closer being the more immediate), and each object is not designated for a certain meaning (although some do bring particular things to mind). I cleanse and blood every one. I also add and remove at will.. I took some time to do so right after Bel. I just stir, throw, and read the imagery as it comes to me.. much the same as I do the leaves.




I also went to my first Mayfaire in years with a couple of my girls that following weekend at Whispering Pines, I always forget how much fun it can be. My fellow hedger was invited to call one of the corners and she did an amazing job. I saw some old friends, I always miss them but I think by now they realize I’m a very solitary soul. I am so grateful I was able to see them. I got to hang with my favorite introvert (last picture courtesy of her). I am hoping to make the one in the fall if it doesn’t land on the weekend I am in Florida for the anniversary. The wicker man was beautiful, the entire spot of land was a really gorgeous setting for ritual.


5 thoughts on “late spring cleaning & a trip to mayfaire

  1. Many years ago one of my teachers told me about one of her teachers, a truly great healer, who had on her altar a single leaf! Perhaps we get too focused on things – me included.

    1. I love that.. I really wish I was less of a somethings shiny person sometimes.. the thought of just that one little leaf.. I just love it.

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