what about opossum?

It’s Kevin Bacon all over again..

Those who know me, know things often come to me in a “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” sort of fashion. I’m (apparently) a round-about kind of soul. I saw this post (loved it instantly due to spider, someone mentioned it to me again after writing this.. due to spider) earlier in the day floating around. I fleetingly thought of a similar conversation I had not too long ago about my white one and my brown.. how I had really wanted raven in my shiny new. You don’t always get what you want or expect or even what you relate to.  Think you are a gangly flamingo type? Feeling all dark and twisty werewolf? Yep, here comes the pink unicorn.. well, you know what I mean. You get what is needed. You get your knowledge bringer, your challenger, your lesson teacher.. you get what is needed. Sometimes they are always yours, sometimes they weave in and out, sometimes they are quickly passing through.

So, what about this opossum/possum love? Well, that brings me to the fiery one.. who asked me the said question.. later that day after I saw the floater.. what about opossum? I see their death everywhere, but all I ever hear about are these birds and frogs (btw.. she wanted owl but she gets all the cutsies & chatteries and mostly hates birds). I don’t walk that path (said she) but don’t they need our help? Are they just not “cool” or something? Where is all the opossum love? To her, I said that I have stopped on occasion. Although they don’t call to me, I have eased one or two in my time.. never collected. Still, I kind of like them.. who says they’re not “cool”? I mean, they’re all snarly and hissy.. I’m all snarly and hissy.. what’s not to love? Maybe they don’t call me because we already have some common ground.. or maybe I am just unteachable where they are concerned.. we get what is needed. That said, my dear fiery one, why are the opossum on your mind so heavy? I’m just saying. Anyhoos, for you my dear.. we must not forget the opossum, those of us who walk this path. If you are one who feels their call, do not shy away (*cough, cough* fiery one *cough, cough*) if you find them not so attractive (ahem.. spiders). They have much to teach.. using your head, strategy, watching out for deceiving appearances.


11 thoughts on “what about opossum?

  1. This happened to me with goose recently. Suddenly they popped into my mind after I came across a goose skull that I felt a pull towards. I’ve never been very attracted to those silly, waddle-y birds. They’ve been around me all my life (much like deer) and I tend to start visualizing the small town I grew up in: camo, rednecks, and the occasional hideous plastic/rubber goose decorations in the front of someone’s yard. This has sadly turned me off to them for some time. But goose recently caught my attention and I finally allowed myself to put all of that aside and have seen why she is needed. She now has a place on my altar.

    1. weird.. I had that strange attraction to that goose foot (the one that didn’t work out) recently.. I wonder if she was trying to make her way to you.. I always think mother goose, very wise.. for some reason..

      1. Every Sunday while I was growing up my mom and I would go visit my Granddaddy. He used to have these old books full of mother goose stories that he would read to me over and over while I sat in his lap as a very young girl. He may still have those books, but I remember some of the pages were torn so that the stories couldn’t be read. I wonder if they survived my younger cousins… It seems I may need to look more into mother goose.

  2. Oh wow, thanks for that link. It says Mother Goose = Mother Holle…Frau Holle! Do you remember I was doing a little bit of research about her a while back? I became interested in her after reading about her in Witchcraft Medicine. Suddenly I feel like I’ve started a new game of connect-the-dots…

  3. Morgan I will share with you this story that my husband told me came to him via a pagan meeting he went too. One of the visitors to the meeting was talking about his spirit journey to find his spirit animal. He was sitting at the side of stream, back against a tree, thinking: will it be a wolf? Eagle? what majestic animal will come to me!?

    Meanwhile a raccoon came up and washed its hands in the stream. He told the raccoon to get lost he was waiting for his Spirit Animal… well the raccoon did not leave and neither did a dragon or bear show up. He finally got around to thinking… wait a minute…


  4. Last Thursday, preparing to take my eldest son for oral surgery to remove a wisdom tooth, his phone rang as we prepared to go out the door. It was his Beloved, she was on her way to work and stricken to have seen a car-struck possum sitting mid-road a block from our house. Off we go, calling, as we jogged, to our vet –but no, state law prevents them taking wild things for care. They gave us the Fish and Wildlife number — where nobody answered the phone and there was no message service.

    Arriving, we found the possum, shaking, bleeding from the mouth and the ears – the few cars and a schoolbus swerved around it. The animal did not react to us at all, in deep shock and brain injury. Retrieving a fallen branch, we looped this around it’s mortally wounded body and gently pulled it off the road way. It in no way acknowledged this action — deep, I suspect in the arms of Death.

    We left for the appointment, still calling state agencies….where we got no response. It was still in death on our return, in the same position. I feel so sorry for the wildlife in our once rural, now becoming suburban area.

    1. That is so sad, and yet happens so often. I was on my way to work one morning recently, when the truck in front of me hit this bird.. now, I realize it happens and is unavoidable sometimes but this person had more than enough time to stop and actually seemed uncaring about the whole thing as he sped up to make the light hitting the poor thing. It was violent and I had to sit at the stoplight with all these cars around unable to get out to help and had to watch it die. If I had had more time, I would have followed said person and well, I don’t know what but I’m still quite angry and saddened over it. I think they really should have some type of service to help those that could make it.

      1. Yes, there is certainly a cruel disregard for animals at work. I’ve been driving since 1971, and in all that time I’ve hit only one creature — in Nevada in 2008, a small hawk flew directly into the grill of my car.

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