on the revisit


It’s been a long while since my last journey and I thought I’d revisit some of what I’d written, my personal notes, and what hindsight would bring. Often I have these things left open, and it’s much later (if at all) when they come back to me. One might say this is filling the events, and I must also not rule that out.. all things being possible. Also, sometimes I do forget to follow through.. which was the case in the early of Baba. Re-reading my notes, I can (now) see where she may have been my first warning of things to come in my personal (again, hindsight) and also how aspects of her parallel that of the one of mine I felt she was for. I think specifically that the wise woman imagery, ties to the nature spirits, working through doubt, and recover after failure; were all paralleled for the both of us.. though in very different matters. I have been thinking of how the third answer was missing.. now I think it may be/have been symbolic of where we are going to take our paths from here.. our recovery point of sorts. Baba is still, as always, slightly vague to me.. hard to read.. but then so is my one of Baba. The second to come, and the one I had to seek out in the mound, was the bloody lady. She clearly then and does still now, feel of the very strong archetypes.. Morrigan.. Lilith.. very strong. For my one, I see where she brought forth a message of strength. My one is such a strong one in her personal, and this I feel had/has to do with her personal.. but it is her greatest gift in working spirit that will also lend to her the strength needed. And my last, Peg, the lovely lady beneath the waters.. of mysteries and the knowledge of passage.. she brought just that.. knowledge, challenges, and a growth of path.

Revisiting also brought to mind my pledged workings through midsummer.. which up until this past weekend, I had thought to be uneventful with the exception of a few requests early on. I had thought of the man of shadow and how he’d led me to the idea of the pledge’s need. I had wondered if it all came down to support, again.. and wondered if maybe my job had reached completion.. even if in a somewhat anticlimactic way. Nothing wrong with that. I like the idea of quiet completion and a call answered. Who says it has to be all bang and fuss, anyways? For some reason, I thought of my odd unremembered conversation with the human cat.. which is in shadows.. but then, as Walking Bear pointed out after we tried going to ground this past weekend, I did pledge to work in shadow. We had been on our way to visit heron (and pick up supplies), to bring her a bit of heron, and a heron flew over.. which made me think it was as it should be. While there, she mentioned shadow, and Walking Bear looked at me.. knowing what he knew.. but I said nothing.. it was as it should be.

We tried going to ground, a failed attempt, his path being not my path.. but in the end a violently stark realization was brought.. so maybe not so failed after all.. it was as it should be. And later, on the subject of paths, he mentioned how my turn away and residual feelings of that old path, though not a bad thing, was still a part of my shadow. He is right. With all of this came the realization of the three of us (or so I think, always with the threes) – one who reminds me of that path, one who is the bridge and walks a similar path now, and I working with the shadows of both paths at the moment.. maybe heron’s shadow was what had called to me. We were all three going to be needed for the work ahead, whatever that is, once (if) I make peace with these particular shadows. I think that maybe that was what the human cat was trying to tell me.. or maybe it was that I think too much.

**as a further revisit – The yarrow’s work was done and this was/is a good thing, and I kind of already knew that. Looking back on Baba, the wild reading, and the ostrich.. yes, lots of clear warnings.. yes, I almost ignored them.. yes, I still struggle with it but I am glad I came around. The citrus cleaner wasn’t sticky unless not thoroughly wiped down. The hawthorn did leaf. I am still working with the hare’s mask but it’s better. Oh, and I didn’t try the arnica myself but I have gotten reports that it works well.


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